Party on a Budget Tip #3: Use What You Have

This family is back to as normal as we get!  So glad to be through with that nasty virus!

The focus of this post is to help us think though ways we can AVOID spending money while planning our epic party.  It is amazing what a little bit of digging around can do in the budget-saving department!  So how do we go about using what we already have?

Before you do anything else, about a month in advance, set aside a DEDICATED BIN to hold all things pertaining to your party.  Once it is time to set the party up, it is SO nice to have it all in once place.  The only exception I make to what goes in the bin, is that all food and cake decorating items go into their own spot in the kitchen.

Be sure to CLICK on the pictures below for an explanation particular to that picture.

After your bin is set up . . .

  1. GET YOUR LITTLE HELPERS INVOLVED.  My boys love this part of the process, because it gets them involved and excited about the upcoming party.  I have them go through ALL of their toys and pull out ANYTHING that MIGHT pertain to our theme–dress-up, toys, Happy Meal toys, posters, games, etc.  We have even used books, coloring books, and videos in our party themes, so EVERYTHING goes in the bin.  By they way, the items in that  bin are OFF LIMITS until after the party–no borrowing!  These items will be used in the decor, the games, and maybe even as cake toppers (after being properly washed, of course!)
  2. CHECK OUT YOUR PARTY STORAGE BIN.  Say, what? Oh, you don’t have a party bin, yet?  You should, because it can be an incredible budget saver! This bin is one you have year round, and it is where you store surplus party supplies, that can be re-used and/or re-purposed.  I have had multiple superhero birthday parties (surprise, right?) and have been able to reuse some of the backdrops, birthday banners, etc. rather than re-buy them.  Of course, you want each party to be unique, so find new ways to display “old” stuff.  You can get several parties out of one roll of streamers, but only if you know where they are stored! You bought more tablecloths than you needed? No problem, either return them to the store, or store them for the next party!
  3. USE YOUR PRINTER.  My printer is my best friend at party time.  If you are planning on doing these parties on a regular basis, but don’t have a decent printer, I would highly recommend you buy one.  Printing has saved me an amazing amount of money when it comes to decor, party favors and games!
  4. Think outside the box–
    1. I use duct tape at almost every one of our parties–usually in the craft time, but sometimes in the decor as well.  I don’t buy more duct tape until I’ve checked my supplies.
    2. Do you have a piece of furniture that displays your theme (toy box, etc.).  There may be a way, without being cheesy, of using it in  your decor.
    3. Repurpose–spray paint or 97 cent acrylic paint from Walmart can be a huge budget saver to tweak something into matching your theme.
    4. Use those Spiderman bed sheets as a backdrop, a tablecloth or a game prop.
    5. Do your kiddos have clothes that portray your theme?  Have them wear them to the party!



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