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Re-Invention Day

After several years of being encouraged by my husband to start a blog . . . this is it!  My very first blog post!
OK, the real reason I’m doing this is because he finally stopped trying to talk me into it and just set it up for me–my biggest obstacle to starting.  The other reason I’m writing this on December 28, 2015 is Re-Invention Day . . .

Though I grew up in a family that set New Year’s resolutions (we called them “goals”), over the years I got tired of hearing the word “resolutions” always accompanied by the inevitable jokes about not meeting them.  While it is true that most people don’t meet all their resolutions in any given year, I think we fail to see the impetus to change that those resolutions provide us.  After all, if we make ONE change because of those resolutions, we have made progress in our personal lives, right?

However, I was hesitant to use the word “resolution” with my boys since there is so much cynicism attached to that word.  Last year, as I was considering whether to introduce my boys to the concept of goal-setting, I remembered advice that a friend had given me right before we embarked on a cross-country move.  She said, “Hannah, even though these moves aren’t always easy, I actually love it, because every move is a chance to re-invent myself.  If I have been the “shy one” of my group here, I can make a decision to become the outgoing one in my next group of friends.”  This great advice, led me to come up with the term “Re-invention Day” for my boys.

I feel like this term comm11149281_828237443896476_3790970155777370680_n-1unicates so much more than “resolution,” and hopefully it will come without the jokes and cynicism.

There is a list of things to help guide us through as we plan our re-invention: 1. Two things I do well that I would like to improve  2. Two things about myself I would like to re-invent  3. Two new things I would like to learn.

One of our boys wrote that he would like to learn how to make a meal–so I taught him (and his brother) how to make grilled cheese sandwiches–that is a win-win, folks!

OK, here is where I admit that I haven’t been great this year about keeping those goals in front of us to make sure we are on track, but that will be one of my re-invention goals for 2016!

So, why am I writing this blog on December 28, 2015? Because it was on my “Re-Invention Day” list for this year, of course!

Do you have New Year’s Resolutions? Do you call them something different?  Comment below on how you plan to reinvent yourself in 2016!